Christian Vision Working Group: Founding Statement

The inter-christian belarusian association, created during the protests of 2020.
Statement of the “Christian Vision” Working Group.
The mission of the association.

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A working group of the Coordination Council «Christian Vision» was created on 9 September 2020.

We, the following members of the Coordination Council:

(names are currently hidden for security reasons)

announce the creation in the Council of the working group «Christian Vision» — for communication and coordination of the common activities of Christians within the framework of the Coordination Council.

The group brings together Christians who are members of the Coordination Council, as well as Christians who share the goals, objectives and mission of the group. Within the framework of the group, representatives of different confessions exchange information about the processes taking place within church communities in connection with the development of the political crisis in Belarus; monitor violations of the rights of citizens and religious communities and associations to freedom of religion and belief, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly; are engaged in analytics of the development of the situation in Belarus, the activities of religious organizations and their potential in resolving the political crisis based on the values of truth, justice, freedom and peace; organize and conduct solidarity actions; are engaged in interfaith cooperation in the field of research of Christian social doctrine and its application in the situation of the current political crisis, as well as the conceptualization of the vision of the future of Belarus as a peaceful democratic state in which human rights prevail, as well as the role of churches in the development of civil society; develop the principles of future confessional policy, state-confessional and social-confessional relations; inform the world Christian community about the events taking place in Belarus through international church and inter-church relations; collect documents and news about churches in today’s political crisis.

Website: https://belarus2020.churchby.info/

Telegram channel: https://t.me/christianvision

Telegram bot for communication: https://t.me/christianvisionBot