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Petition to Patriarch Kirill: Stop the war! Peace for Ukraine and Russia

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Your Holiness,

On the eve of the week of the Last Judgment, we, Orthodox Christians of the Local Orthodox Church, which you lead, appeal to you to do everything possible to stop the full-scale fratricidal war that began two days ago, when Russian troops entered Ukraine.

You call yourself the Primate of the Church, whose flock is in Russia, Ukraine and other countries, and you say that you deeply empathize with everyone who has been touched by disaster. Hear the call of the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev, who calls this disaster: «Russia has begun military operations against Ukraine.” One part of your flock from Russia attacked another flock entrusted to your care in Ukraine.

Metropolitan Onuphry calls out from shelled Kyiv to the President of the Russian Federation and asks to immediately stop the fratricidal war. Please, appeal to Vladimir Putin with a demand to stop the criminal military invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022. We ask you to intervene and do everything in your power to stop the bloodshed. Lifting up the Chalice with the Blood of Christ, is it possible to be silent about the blood shed now?

This is precisely your historical mission as Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is for actions and words that these days will have to be answered at the Last Judgment of Christ. It is today that this Last Judgment is already taking place! The Last Judgment, in which each of us chooses for himself — on which side of the Lord we will become and what fruit we will bring to him. This is the Last Judgment for our entire Church, a key moment that will determine its fate in the future.

The whole world is looking at you and waiting for peacekeeping action. We are looking at you and waiting for your prophetic word that will stop the war. God is watching you!

With last hope,