Evangelical believer Sergiy Melianets is going to appeal to the Supreme Court and calls for God’s Court and Judgment as well.

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The Minsk regional court refused to satisfy the complaint of the evangelical believer Sergiy Melyanets on the Minsk district court’s decision. Judge Irina Maiko agreed with her colleague Viktor Shevtsov, district court judge, who equated the White/Red/White blinds on the windows of Melyanets’ bedroom with an individual piquet and imposed a fine of 30 base financial units on the man.

In the district court, Sergiy Melianets argued that the colors of the blinds reflect his Christian worldview. For the regional court, the believer and his lawyer prepared a selection of arguments that included expert opinions on red and white symbolism in Christianity.

Sergiy Melyants was allowed to speak up. He made a statement drawing the judge’s attention to his “educational work among schoolchildren and students so that a worthy generation would grow up in Belarus. It is aimed at young people entering adulthood so that they would carry kindness, compassion, justice, forgiveness and many other important values with them.”

“Today is the Day of the Defender of Fatherland. And it is necessary to protect the Fatherland from moral and moral degradation as well. We want our nation to be both physically and spiritually healthy,” said the believer.

According to Sergiy Melyants, at the end of the meeting, Irina Maiko “did not even try to hide the fact that the decision had been made in advance. She took the printout and read it right after the lawyer’s speech.”

The believer will appeal the decision of the regional court to a higher instance — the Supreme Court.

“There’s no hope. Therefore, in parallel, let us turn to the Highest Court. To the Heavenly one, to God’s court. Mikhail Lermontov wrote about it in 1837:

“… You hide under the shade of the law,

The judgment is before you and the truth — keep quiet! ..

But there is also God’s judgment, confidants of debauchery!

There is a formidable judgment: it waits;

It is not available to the ringing of gold,

And knows both thoughts and deeds in advance.”.

Let us remind you that in the first days after the election in August 2020, Sergiy Melianets and his brothers endured torture. He talks about this experience on his Facebook page, in the “August2020” and the “Witnesses of Violence” projects.